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The Quick, Simple, Tasty Sports Drink To Boost Endurance & Power

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Reduce Fatigue, Increase Your Stamina, and Recover Faster!

Beetroot Juice-based Mighty Sport from Sweden is an incredible Super Food source that can BOOST your Performance, and Enhance Your Energy and Endurance.

Mighty Sport is a POWERFUL Natural Sports Drink formula free of ANY artificial colors, artificial flavors, caffeine, excessive sugar or toxic preservatives. Mighty Sport is loaded with natural plant and berry based ingredients that are naturally high in Nitrates, which convert in your system to Nitrites creating Nitric Oxide (N-O), which has been found to significantly help with Blood Pressure Stability, Better Circulation, Energy and Endurance. Nitric Oxide helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and the former President of the American Heart Association stated “The Discovery of Nitric Oxide and Its Function is One of the Most Important in the History of Cardiovascular Medicine.” 

In one healthy and nutrient dense scoop of Mighty Sport, combined with water, you will have a Sport Drink that goes FAR beyond any other Sports Drink available on the market for Enhanced Athletic Performance. Mighty Sport is Vegan and is made from Gluten Free and Non-GMO ingredients that are hand selected by our team and tested on a regular basis for quality and purity so that you can get a clean, Healthy source of the fuel you need, provided to us by the POWER OF NATURE!

  • Increased Stamina
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Quicker Recovery
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Elevated Physical Performance
  • Anti-oxidant Protection
  • Consistent Hydration
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels
  • Stabilized Blood Pressure
  • Increased Muscle Performance
  • Decreased Lactic Acid Build-Up
  • Increased Oxygen And More Efficient Nutrient Delivery Throughout the Body

How do we accomplish this? Mighty Sport contains POWERFUL natural ingredients like Beetroot juice, Spinach, Tart Cherry Juice, Kale, Carrots, Apples, Papayin Enzymes, Astaxanthin and Adoptogens (such as Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea) along with more classic occurring substances in Sport Drinks like Electrolytes, Branched Chain Amino Acids and essential Minerals such as Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc and Chromium. 

Mighty Sport contains just 3 grams per serving of an Organic Sugar blend and D- Ribose, the preferred sugar in the energy producing cells in your mitochondria... the PERFECT blend of EXCELLENT and CLEAN, Natural sources for ULTIMATE in sugar repletion! 

(Mighty Sport is YOUR SECRET WEAPON)

If you take your workouts and training seriously, you owe it to yourself to stop settling for mediocre energy drinks filled with chemicals, stimulants, cheap ingredients and excessive amounts of sugar. You need a Comprehensive Natural Sports Drink you can TRUST that will not only improve your performance and perseverance, but also your long term health.


Mighty Sport is a plant and berry based Sports Drink that ONLY uses natural, clean ingredients that are regularly tested in our facility.

Our Elite Athletes who use Mighty Sport for every competition are tested regularly and have never failed a doping test with our products.

Look what everybody's saying

(especially about the results)

Shannon Graham
The Mentor Coach, 
Featured in Forbes Magazine

"I've been using Mighty Sport for close to a year and as someone who has used all kinds of supplements in the past I have to say Mighty Sport is by far the best. The boost in energy is great and the taste is outstanding. My honest advice is just try and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did!"

David Schulz
Cyclist, TV Producer

"Starting Mighty Sport coincided with my cycling training ...whereas before Mighty Sport, all I felt was what can be described as resistance to optimal performance ...but after being on Mighty Sport, all resistance was gone!"

Hanni Beronius
Miss Sweden 2012

"I've studied a lot about nutrition, wellness and health. Mighty Sport is a simple, secure and yummy way to get the nutrition I need to recover after exercise, ensure performance and maintain a healthy balance of minerals and vitamins in my body"

David Russo
Marathon Runner & Triathlete

“I travel all over the world while training and switch time zones frequently. Maintaining overall health is so key in being able to train hard consistently. Mighty Sport helps so that I don’t hit ‘the wall’ and nothing beats having more energy to go faster and further”

Lisa Ohberg
Elite Runner

"As a runner I am always skeptical and picky about what I put in my body. But after reading about Mighty Sport I decided to try it and now it’s part of my daily routine! I use it during and after workouts and I feel great! Plus it’s all natural, and vegan!"

Walter Steiner
Olympic Ski Jumper & Gold Medalist

“I really like the drink. It gives me energy, contains healthy ingredients and has contributed to the amazing success I had in the Winter Championships for Veterans in Cross Country 2013, where I took 3 medals, including Gold in the 15 km”

Martin Käll Ohlsson
Elite Runner

“During tough long runs and workouts, I use Mighty Sport, which I think is well balanced and tastes good, so that I can quickly get the necessary nutrients.”  Elite Runner Martin lives in Norway who took the bronze in the 2011 Stockholm Marathon. He followed this up with a bronze medal in the Oslo Marathon in the 2012 Norwegian championships. He was also a member of the team that in 2010 won the team competition for course male elite class.

Robert Westman

"Robert is on Mighty Sport and is a dedicated endurance athlete who loves running  (12 mil a week minimum). Since 2011, Robert has been fully committed to triathlons and is aiming for the Ironman. Robert has also competed with great success in swimming, orienteering, cross country and most running events."

Sofia Paldanius
Elite Kayaker

Sofia has 42 individual national championships, including 10 straight in the K-1 500 meter winner of the overall World Cup 2 times. 10 international championship medals. At the 2014 Olympics, she came in fourth. Sofia now trains at full speed and is aiming for Rio 2016.

Fernando Dinis
Elite Runner

"The run has always been a part of my life, my
hatred and love for the sport has become a passion.
” On April 21, 2013 Fernando ran the marathon in Rotterdam in Holland at 2:28:50. Fernando says, “Before I would get colds three times a year, and now only once a year. I also feel that I recover faster after a cold. I feel that I recover better after training with Mighty Sport.”

Ellen Olsson
Elite Swimmer

"Ellen is a winner of the 2014 championships of Sweden's largest open water event. She also won in 2013.  Ellen swims 30 hours a week and her goal is set to compete in the Olympics in Rio in 2016."

Louise Nilsson
Elite Runner

"Elite runner from Malmo who bet both on track running (10k), and half-marathon. Has a background as a swimmer and triathlete but during the year 2014 settled into the Swedish runners. During the season it has she has won medals both on track, off-road and road, and a third on Finnkampen (10 000 m)."

Oscar Persson
Olympic Skiier

"Oscar was born in 1992 and has managed to come in 17th place in the Vasaloppet in 2014, just 22 seconds from victory, captured first place in both Mattila Ski Marathon and Lo-track 2014 and came 5th in the Championship relay in 2014 . Oscar, who lives in Torsby, aims to win the Vasaloppet, and knows that it is possible. Oscar practices a lot for long periods and thinks about diet and nutrition, including dietary supplements is essential to develop as skiers."

Dr. Peter Wilhelmsson
Formulator of Mighty Sport, Marathon Runner, Triathlete and Super Exerciser for 60+ Years

"Peter is a Nutritional Medical Professional and author of the leading publication on Natural Health and Sports Nutrition in Scandanavia. Peter has has devoted the last 40 years of his life to diet, nutrition, health, exercise and training. Thousands of nutritional medical examinations and tests are performed by his clinic each year. Additionally, he has participated in13 marathons, countless 12-kilometers swim competitions and is the brains behind behind the ingredients and formulation of our very own Mighty Sport drink."

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